Dads are pretty easy to please. Get him a La-Z-Boy chair, a trip to the local Hardware store, and throw a few bad dad jokes about, and he’s set for a good time. So, why is it that shopping for dads is so impossible? Mainly because they always answer the question, “What do you want for the holidays?” with something like, “I already have everything I need!” And while it might be true that your dad doesn’t need anything, he probably has his eye on a few things that he would love to find under the tree or in his stocking. But if he didn’t exactly give you a wish list to shop from this year, let me help you with a few super-techy gifts for dads.

Whether you still live at home with the guy or live far away, you can make the holidays extra special this year by gifting him something that suits his interests or needs. I’ve got ideas for the twitter addict, the outdoorsman, the traveler, the all round gadget lover—whatever your dad’s passion or hobby might be, there’s a gift idea that’ll really speak to his soul. Maybe he’ll use it every day or maybe he’ll just break it out for a special occasion, but either way, be prepared to feel the love when your dad opens one of these 5 amazing gifts for men below.

#1 Mi Robot Builder Rover

Available on Amazon in Robot / Truck & Rover versions!

Okay strictly speaking this awesome DIY robot building kit is for Girls & Boys ages 7+ but don’t tell dad. Infact tell him, he won’t care! The Mi Robot Builder boasts the following dad facts:

  • The master remote control of the Mi Robot Builder features a 32-bit ARM cortex-mx processor to achieve fast processing speed, and has three built-in 1650mAh lithium batteries for long battery life
  • All 1,086 parts of the Mi Robot Builder Rover are formed using high-precision injection molding. This includes the six different gears, worm drive assembly, universal joints, and continuous tracks that make up the robot’s precise and efficient mechanical transmission structure
  • Upgraded Mi Robot Builder App allows you to choose from even more control modes. The optimized remote mode, more powerful programming mode, and newly added voice control mode offer more fun and ways to play, that open up endless possibilities
  • Mi Robot Builder Rover features a variety of brand new parts. In addition to using these parts to build the original sophisticated and complex models, you can use any combination of parts to fashion your own DIY design
  • Mi Robot Builder Rover’s parts are made from eco-friendly and safe materials that have been certified by the rods of the European Union, so you can play with ease of mind. but never mind that, the kids won’t be getting to play with it anyway.
  • Pick one up on Amazon for around $130 – Available in Robot / Truck & Rover versions!

#2 Mi LED Desk Lamp

Available on Amazon for just $35

What do you get the dad that has everything?? You get him a new flicker free LED Desk Lamp for unobstructed reading, model making DIYing or getting a good clear close up of the 2021 Hooters calendar. There are 4 different lighting modes that can be controlled with your Android or iOS device.

  • Reading Mode: Even after long periods of reading, you won’t experience excessive eye fatigue
  • Focus Mode: Users can customize periods to focus or rest by switching to different light modes. The focus mode adopts the pomodoro technique that aids users to become more productive and protects the eyes.
  • PC Mode: PC Mode protects your eyes by setting the color temperature range at 2700K
  • Kids Mode: Set the color temperature to not exceed 4000K, effectively protecting your eyes and those of your children.

The hinge is durably constructed with an all-metal design. Even after opening and closing for 10,000 times, it loses performance by a mere 17%, and continues to perform normally. That’s the kind of geeky dad statistic he’ll tell anyone who’s listening!

  • Available on Amazon for just $35

#3 Mi Smart Compact Laser Projector

Available on Amazon from $400

This Smart Compact Projector from Xiaomi is a perfect choice as your home entertainment center or Dad’s man cave (hint hint). It delivers up to 120 inches of full 1080p HD quality image. The projector uses an LED light source with an astounding brightness of up to 500 ANSI lumens, thanks to the RGB+BP four-channel optical path. It is also a smart projector powered by Android TV with Google Assistant & Chromecast built-in, control your smart devices just with your voice. For a portable projector, which always moves from place to place, Mi Smart Compact Projector features Keystone correction and Auto-Focus to quickly get a clear projection image. A good picture needs to be accompanied by good sound quality. Mi Smart Compact Projector supports DTS and Dolby codecs, brings the private theatre into your home.

Give your dad the gift of big screen sports, movies and gaming. This pint sized projector has the specifications to blow your his mind. He’ll never want to leave his cave when he has this lovely bit of kit to decorate his walls with sweet sweet entertainment.

Weighing in at just 2.8 lbs., Mi Smart Compact Projector is Xiaomi’s smallest, and most portable laser projector ever.

#4 Xiaomi Mi TV Stick with Voice Remote

Available on Amazon for $40

If your dad already has a huge shiny flat screen TV he probably doesn’t need a projector, so get him the next best thing. The Mi TV Stick, it will supercharge his dumb screen and transform it into a flashy Smart TV.

The Mi TV Stick is everything the Amazon Firestick isn’t. It’s faster, it doesn’t have all of Amazon’s bloatware but it does still let you use your Prime movies subscription. With dedicated buttons of the voice controllable remote control for Prime and Netflix it’s easy to navigate and has the full Android TV experience built-in, so you can sideload your favourite streaming apps, “shhhh” don’t tell Jeff Bezos.

At less than 30g the TV stick weighs no more than a cherry tomato and is small enough to easily fit in your pocket. Forget about cables, plug the stick into any TV, monitor or projector with an HDMI port to turn it into a smart TV!

#5 POCO M3 Smartphone

Available from POCO on AliExpress and via starting at $129

Your dad wants a phone that’s easy to use, lasts a long time, is good for browsing #dadtweets and keeping up with the kids. Let’s face it he’s probably currently using a brick with a green screen right now. Right? Well the POCO M3 is the perfect smartphone for dad, or mom or your grandparents even. Great and affordable in the era of Zoom calls and Whatsapp chats to stay more connected.
I won’t bore you with all the details, I’ll have a first impressions and review article up soon but here is a quick rundown of what to expect from this mega budget hero device.

  • Triple 48MP camera.
  • Ultra-high battery life of 6000mAh. (because we know parents are bad at remembering to charge their phones, right?)
  • Powerful Snapdragon ™ 662 processor
  • Supports 2 + 1, nano-SIM + nano-SIM + microSD cards (up to 512 GB)
  • 22.5W fast charger included in the box
  • AI Face unlock and side fingerprint scanner, (Sometimes it’s hard to remember your PIN code.)

If you really want to buy dad’s love this festive season, consider the gift of connectivity with the POCO M3. It offers a full feature set that doesn’t bust the most modest of budgets. It might take him a week to get used to it but he’ll be rocking into 2021 in style!

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