imoo, a world leading brand in kids’ smartwatches has announced global availability of the Z6 Smartwatch. The new smartwatch includes an arrangement of features with the aim to keep kids and parents connected with each other, these features aim to make the smartwatch highly desirable with an arrangement of high technology that centres around some main selling points. Here are the main selling points with information of the benefits it will bring:

A Communication Tool Kids Can Depend On
A key objective to the imoo Watch Phone Z6 is its ability to provide easy and accessible communication to kids. With this smartwatch, it only requires a few simple touches to begin calling their parents and vice versa. The chat app also includes additional features to make communication safe, secure and more engaging for kids as well as being connected to the network at all times, allowing for communication at any time.

Dual Front And Rear Cameras For Video Calls
While you are connected to the network, this multi camera setup allows for viewing different perspectives during HD video calls either by WiFi or 4G at any time parents or kids like. The front camera is 5MP with a wide angle of 84.4° and the rear camera is 8MP with 84 wide angle that supports fast and clear auto focus, allowing for high quality video and images with 2 modes, Ultra HD and HD. In addition to the high quality cameras the watch also includes a flip structure named Flip New Vision, this allows the whole face of the watch to be able to flip vertically, this will allow parents to view both the front and the back of the watch to check the surroundings and to improve overall communication regardless of the situation.

Find Your Kids Any Time With Accurate Locating
With accurate locating using a satellite GPS it allows parents to monitor the whereabouts of their kids through the tracking technology which is also another great way of a parent checking up on his/her kid without the need of video call. This is also a great security feature to ensure that your child stays in safe locations.

Product Safety and Data Security In Mind
The imoo Watch Phone Z6 has gone through rigorous testing to ensure it meets product safety and data security standards with German TüV SüD WT-Mark safety certification with material safety, radiation safety as well as a IPX8 swimming water resistance rating and anti-fall protection. The device has also been tested to EU GDPR privacy security standards and data security to ensure that kids stay connected safely and securely.

Additional Features To Look Forward To
There are also many other impressive features included in the imoo Watch Phone Z6, here is a list of these features:

  • 4G Connection – It has 5 modes and 16 frequency bands which allows the device to connect to 4G in any location to ensure that the device is always connected to the network.
  • Safety Guard – This notifies parents as soon their kids have left a designated area without the need of calling up to ask when they plan to leave.
  • Water Damage Protection – Its water resistance outer shell aims to prevent any potential issue like this by fully protecting the inside of the device with an impressive IPX8 rating.
  • Class Mode – Created to ensure that kids are not distracted during designated study time by only displaying as a watch at designated times of the day. Schedules can be set by parents through the imoo APP.
  • AMOLED And Super Retina Display – This screen allows for a much greater image quality by offering more refined resolution and richer, more accurate colors. And offers more clarity to the child when they are interacting with the smartwatch by using one of the APPs or video calling their parent.

Pricing and Availability
● EU, UK
The imoo Watch Phone Z6 is set to launch into the market at the predicted price of 199 GBP, approximately 220 EUR.
It will be available by the end of September at

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